Changing the Way We View Aging

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Imagine retiring at 80 years old, or even at 90 years old, and that is normal retirement age. Now imagine living to 110, or 120 years old, as the average person. The baby-boomers can do a lot with changing the way we look at ‘old-age’. Today’s retirement is at 65. Nobody knows how long they will live after 65, to get social security. However, what if you could live another 50 years or so….will your social security runs out before you die? What would you do then? You will have spent more time in retirement than you did working.

Science is finding new ways to extend life. It’s up to us to find new ways to do something with that longer life. 65 is gradually becoming the new 40. Even today, people are living longer, and at the same time, staying more active in life. The longer we live, the longer we are active… the further away that old rocking chair seems to be. What about jobs…..they are now pushing the baby boomers out of work now, and most have not even reached retirement age yet. What about the one’s that will come after us. They keep pushing the retirement age up and up, but what about jobs that will keep us working until then, no matter what retirement age it is.

Society has not kept up with the scientific advances in longer life. For years, people have been conditioned to think if you reach a certain age, like 50 or 65, you shouldn’t be doing much anymore. Society has not yet stopped to observe the baby-boomers and how they live. Baby boomers are one of the busiest groups in the country., with no hint in sight of slowing down anytime soon when they reach retirement age… if any of them do retire.

They frown on it when Grandma who at 70 want’s to go skydiving. Or when Grandpa at 80 wants to climb the mountain he has looked at through the living room window for the past 40 years. It all comes down to health. Age IS only a number if you have good health when you are older. If you have ate well, exercised daily for most of your life, what is it to society what you do. Aging isn’t about growing older….. It’s about growing up, and living!

Baby boomers in the 1960’s set out to change the world….. In addition, they are, it is just taking a little longer than we thought, but it is changing. We need to stop thinking how it was for our parents at retirement age. They retired into a slow, relaxed life, with nothing but time. The baby boomers are thinking there is no time, no time to relax as our parents did… is time to live!


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