Lyrics to Fill the Mind and Heart

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Kanye’s album 808 and heartbreak
Some people are like, for god’s sake!
Get a grip, man, it ain’t hood
But we don’t need swearing and the use of the n-word for it to be good
Maybe every decade hip-hop has its own style
But I’m thinking, every time I listen to it now, I get bile
Tomorrow’s world in today’s future
Does it suit ya?
But I still see you rappers rapping till dark
Can’t find a recording station; just use the park
Need to be a G, robbing the banks
But I’m saying, yall need to give me some thanks!
Because yall still roll them streets
Still trying to keep them beats
Wearing the necklace and all
But I just redefined hip hop for all yall!
Try listening to Kanye West
Who simply knows just what’s the best
Knows how to keep it fresh
And knows when yall work just ain’t def!
But I’m sayin’ yall need to know what is good
And stop sayin’ if not because it ain’t hood
Yall need a watch to know
What time it is to stop looking for dough
Redefine what is real and what is not
Instead of talking about robbing banks and getting caught
Yall feel me?
Because one day
when yall stop smoking hay
A day where all the weed has finally gone to seed
A day where you’ll look up, sunshine a mere ray
You’ll say
Today is that day.


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