Breast Cancer Self Examination

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Step One

You should conduct a self examination of your breasts for signs of breast cancer once a month. Do this when your period ends, or if you do not have periods, at a regular time each month.

Step Two

Do the breast exam while lying down. Lying down will allow your breast tissue to spread evenly, making it easier for you to detect any changes.

Step Three

Examine the right breast first – while lying down on your back, put your right arm above your head. With the pads of the three middle fingers of your left hand, examine your breast using circular motions, and cover the entire breast by moving up and down. Check the breast, the underarms, around the collarbone and under the breasts. Do this three times – first with light pressure to examine the breast tissue that is closest to the surface. Then repeat with a medium pressure to examine breast tissue that is slightly deeper. Finally, repeat with a gentle but firm pressure to examine the deepest layer of breast tissue for signs of cancer. Do not lift your fingers off the breast.

Step Four

Repeat the above step for your left breast with the right hand to check for signs of cancer.

Step Five

Stand up in front of a mirror and check your breasts for any visual signs of abnormality. Try four different positions – arms on your hip, arms above your head, bent forward with hands on the hips, and arms hanging down from the side.

Step Six

If you feel a lump or notice anything different, contact your doctor immediately. For learning about all the warning signs of breast cancer, please see the article here:

Tips & Warnings

  • Contact your doctor immediately if you feel a lump or notice something different about your breasts.

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