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No, fish aren’t exactly high maintenance pets. They don’t have to go for walks like dogs or have to be played with daily with its favorite string like a cat. Yet, this does not mean that you don’t have responsibilities when it comes to caring and owning them. Nor does this mean that they are necessarily a pet that requires no money.

First, of all, fish do not like swimming in an ordinary fish bowl. Most won’t live that long this way, either.

They need a good fish tank or aquarium to survive and to survive healthy. Of course, the tank is just the start.

You also need a good filter to help fight the grit, grim and bacteria that can live in a fish tank. A good running filter will keep your fish’s clean water, cleaner longer. This makes life much more comfortable for your fish and will help them to live longer.

Yet, the filter and tank are only the beginning. You should also add clean gravel or better yet specially bought fish gravel and a few ornaments for the fish to swim around to keep them occupied and to help make the tank more pleasing for you.

After you tank is set up, it is your responsibility to keep the water clean. This means regular cleanings. When making these cleanings you should first gently remove the fish with a specialty hand net and place them in a fish bowl that is safe, until your work is finished. Then you need to remove the gravel and clean it the best you can. Finally, you should begin to remove the water. After all the water is removed, gently clean the sides of the tank and beginning replacing with clean water.

Of course, the filtering system will need attention. It will have to be cleaned and maintained just as the tank. Follow the guidelines that came with the filtering system when you bought it.

Adding some specialty fish to help eat the grim that builds up in your tank is one option you have. This may give you more days in between cleanings. You should talk to the sales people at your local pet store for help and suggestions on the type of specialty fish that will be the most beneficial for you. The types will depend on such factors as the size of your tank and the type of fish you own.

Some parents believe that fish are great first pets for children. They do not bite. Yet, they do require some attention and some responsibility. Of course, be sure that you are willing to help with the cleaning of the fish tank, if you decide to get one for your child.

If you are looking for a not so high maintenance pet and you don’t mind cleaning fish tanks, you should consider buying some fish today and see how you enjoy owning them. Many have found that they are relaxing to watch and have even help to lower their stress by watching them and enjoying their calm nature.


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