How to Save Gas Money for Work Travel

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Paying money to commute to work each day can be expensive if you are on a tight budget. Gas prices increase and decrease many times throughout the year, and those who travel to work must adjust accordingly. There are several different ways you can save money for the cost of work travel.


Step 1

Carpool with other employees who live in the same area. Everybody can help contribute to the cost of gas to travel to work. Also, you could have a carpool donation jar in which those who carpool can leave donations to pay for gas money.

Step 2

Study your household budget. Calculate how much it will cost to travel to work each week. Find out how much you can take out to save each week to contribute to gas money. Have a “gas money” jar or envelope where you put your gas money each week. Use the money from that jar to pay for gas only.


Walk or ride your bike to your place of work during warmer weather if you live nearby. Set aside the money that you normally would have paid for gas that week so that you will have it for future use.Continue reading about saving money for gas travel…


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