How to Make Kitchen Scrubbies Out of a Ballerina’s Tutu

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Curiosity got the best of you didn’t it? It is the truth! This article will teach you how to crochet kitchen scrub pads and recycle your little girl’s ballerina tutu. Or maybe it was your tutu and this is a path to revenge! Believe me, this is cheap therapy (Note: OK, I really DID NOT want to be a ballerina and I could possibly be a little bitter!) If you don’t have the need to recycle, you can still make this project using tulle (a mesh fabric) from the fabric store. These are great for expensive pots and pans, as they will not scratch the surface.

Things you’ll need

Tulle, 1 yard makes about 5 scrubbies and cost ~$1.00 per yard


Crochet hook, size H, I, or J is best

Step 1

Prepare your fabric. If you are recycling, cut the waist band away from your tutu and make it a flat piece of tulle. Lay out on a large surface and cut the tulle into 1 inch strips. They do not have to be perfect. Try to cut your fabric into one long piece like “yarn”. If you have several different pieces, sew them together or just tie a knot in them. You just need to get one long piece. Roll your strip into a ball just like you would yarn.

Step 2

Tie a slip knot onto the end of your “yarn” and crochet 5 chain stitches, and slip stitch into stitch 1 to form a circle. Be sure to leave a 2-3 inch tail for tying off at the end.

Chain 2, dropping your stitch into the hole, loop and double crochet around the ring, chain stitching one between each double crochet. Keep going around the ring, double crocheting into the blank areas made by the chains in between. Add stitches at every second or third blank. Really, you can use any stitch you want and increase however you prefer. Like all my craft projects, what you prefer is best. This is just how I do them.

Step 3

Once you have reached the size you like (about 4 inches in diameter is a good size), start decreasing your double crochet stitches. I do it gradually by skipping every second or third stitch. There isn’t a wrong way as long as you reduce back to one stitch. It will look like a crocheted ball.

Step 4

Cut your “yarn” off leaving a 2-3 inch tail and pull it through the loop. Use your crochet hook to pull the tail from the beginning through to the back and tie the two ends in a knot two times. You are done! Feel better?


These are great gifts for any cook as these kitchen scrubbers are tough and will not harm the surface of pans.

Throw these scrubbies in the washer in hot water when they get dirty. You can re-use them over and over. Plus, if you accidentally cut the “yarn” while doing dishes, just retie the loose ends and keep washing.


Make extra scrubbies because people love these and will always ask for more!


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