Job hunting at 67

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So, I started the year with a layoff! Me and thousands more. The problem is that I worked at the same job for 9 years. I have practiced my craft for 40 years. Unfortunatley the gaming business does not take care of their employees. You are most easily replaced by someone of the more femine gender or an Asian  person. I say this becasue it is true in my case. Nothing predjudice about my statement, it is just fact. I went to L.A. last week and could not find a white OR black face at the tables.

Yes there were some bosses BUT their replacements are being trained, they just don’t know it yet. i can see the situation becuse I worked there many years ago when it all began in the early 80’s. No sour grapes, it’s just the way the business goes. I had no problem finding jobs earlier in life, in fact I was requested many times. My wife is the first woman poker dealer in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and she is holding on to her job for dear life. She opened The Commerce Club and couldn’t find any OLD faces. Some players like an old guy who knows the ropes and how a player friendly game should be run. I was going to hit a couple local card rooms for a dealing job but my wife said “NO”. She thinks that I have worked long enough. Contrary to the statistics of dying after retirement, this is not my case. I’m sure the survey failed to mention that when your job is giving you stress and keeping you in pain and as a result puts you on pain medication, it will not kill you to leave.

In fact it may help yo to live longer. It hurt my pride for a while but i got over it in about a week. Now I say, when did I have time to work. Household chores and gardening leave me tired at the end of the day. I am not too tired now to take a walk with my wife in the evening as i was wehn I was working. On her days off we do things together that she used to do without me.

We have had to downsize a little but we have gotten used to it and hardly miss the little things that we splurged on before. Now we think before we spend which was a problem that my wife had. Now she is frugal, we are happy together, I am in less pain and off meds. We tried to look at the glass 1/2 full and guess what? It got fuller.


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