Aries in a Relationship with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

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How well do the sun signs get on together? If you are an Aries, what might you expect in a relationship with a Cancerian, a Scorpio or a Pisces? In astrology, for a relationship to be truly assessed, all aspects between planets and other points of both charts need to be considered. However, most people know their sun sign and it can be fun to compare sun sign personalities in relationships to discover what they might expect in a romance together.  Aries is a Fire sign, the others are all Water signs. Here’s how they relate in romance and friendship.

Aries with Cancer

Aries is outgoing and adventurous. Cancer is more introvert and cautious. Cancer is also a strongly emotional sign and it could be that Aries will misunderstand the Cancerian’s quiet nature. Cancer can be moody and changeable, sometimes sulky too. Aries is more easy-going and will find this side of the Cancerian difficult to live with. Aries is sociable but Cancer might be possessive and jealous of the Arian’s need for more freedom. Cancerians are romantic. There will be moments when the two of you will get on but if you can’t see yourself lasting the course, don’t build up their hopes.

If a relationship is coming to an end, the Aries should try to be gentle and sensitive with the Cancerian. If you go about it the right way, you will remain friends. If Aries feels the relationship is lacking, he or she should not let it show too strongly or Cancer might take it as a personal failure and this could have a big affect on his or her self-confidence.

Aries with Scorpio

Both Aries and Scorpio are powerful signs. You both have strong personalities. This can be good if you are working together towards a mutual goal. If there are disagreements, these could get heated and aggressive.

Aries is a passionate fire sign. Scorpio is a strongly emotional and passionate water sign. Scorpio is a zealous and demanding lover. Aries won’t mind at all. In fact Aries will love the intense excitement at the start of this relationship. There will be high levels of sexual attraction and this may actually be what brings the two of you together.

Aries is more easy-going. Scorpio is intense and serious about anything important in their life and that includes their relationship. When his or her jealous tendencies start rearing their heads, Aries might start to feel less comfortable and may wonder if this is really the relationship they always dreamed of.

Aries with Pisces

Pisces is a sensitive, romantic and sensual water sign. Pisces will know how to make their partner happy and will be a demonstrative lover. Aries might enjoy this at first but Aries also needs excitement, change and stimulation. Pisces may be too gracious and responsive and it might feel as if there is no challenge in this relationship. Everything will be too easy.

While Aries has no trouble getting their own way with the Pisces because Pisces will want to do everything to please their lover, at times Aries might wish Pisces wasn’t so acquiescent. Even so, there is a lot you will enjoy with each other. Romance will be fun. Both detest routine and neither will mind the occasional change. Aries enjoys little surprises and if Pisces can provide the Aries with these, it might help add spice to the union.


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