Aries in a Relationship with Other Arians, Leos and Sagittarius

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How well do the sun signs get on together? If you are an Aries, what might you expect in a relationship with another Arian, a Leo or a Sagittarius? In astrology, for a relationship to be truly assessed, all aspects between planets and other points of both charts need to be considered. However, most people know their sun sign and it can be fun to compare sun sign personalities in relationships to discover what they might expect in a romance together.

Aries with Aries

You are bound to have a lot in common, both of you being born under the same sign. You will both enjoy starting out together on new adventures and if either of you grow bored, jointly you will find ways to add spice to your relationship.

Aries is a fun-loving and impulsive sign and together you are bound to have a lot of fun most of the time. You are both energetic and both intend to use your potential to the maximum as long as you’re interested in what you’re doing. When the interest wanes, projects can be swiftly forgotten and nothing very substantial achieved. Stay keen and you will accomplish wonderful things together. Whatever your mutual goals, everything depends on your joint staying-power. Physically there is a strong attraction. In friendship you get on great.

Just as long as the fiery attraction that brought the two of you together, doesn’t burn itself out!

Aries with Leo

This is likely to be a relationship full of passion and ardour. Both partners are adventurous in and out of the bedroom. Both are outgoing and neither likes every day to be the same. Leo is an incredibly creative sign and will come up with some fabulous ways to keep romance interesting. Where there may be a few problems is in the fact you’re both independent. Aries likes to lead. Leo loves to be at the centre of all that’s going on. If Aries is occupied with personal projects, Leo might start feeling neglected and dejected. Aries needs to make Leo constantly feel he or she is the centre of their world. This could prove to be a little too arduous and time-consuming a task for the freedom-loving Arian.

What fuels this relationship is passion, warmth and physical attraction. Both signs enjoy a good laugh and each knows how to be demonstrative and loving. If Aries understands Leo likes to be King of the Castle and is willing to go along with this, the relationship stands a better chance of being a lasting one.

Aries with Sagittarius

When Aries and Sagittarius get together, a lot will be shared and both might feel they’ve rarely enjoyed such a compatible relationship. Both are intelligent, freedom-loving signs. They will each value their personal freedom while enjoying joint activities and shared interests.

The relationship will be made all the more interesting if a little competition creeps in. As long as they laugh together and don’t take things too seriously, these two companions will enjoy some exciting, fun-packed times. Sagittarius will give Aries all the independence he or she asks for and won’t try to keep tabs on where Aries is and what he or she is doing. Aries will equally afford the Sagittarius the same amount of freedom.

Both might enjoy sports and travel.

There will be a lively and energetic feel to this union. Both must be kept busy or they will grow bored and restless. Physically, emotionally and mentally there are strong levels of compatibility between the Aries and Sagittarius.


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