Aries in a Relationship with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

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How does Aries get on with a Gemini, what might they expect in an Aries/Libra relationship and how does Aries get on with Aquarius? Aries is a Fire sign, the others are all Air signs. Here’s how they relate in romance and friendship.

How well do the sun signs get on together? If you are an Aries, what might you expect in a relationship with a Virgo, a Taurus or a Capricorn? In astrology, for a relationship to be truly assessed, all aspects between planets and other points of both charts need to be considered. However, most people know their sun sign and it can be fun to compare sun sign personalities in relationships to discover what they might expect in a romance together.  Aries is a Fire sign, the others are all Airs signs. Here’s how they relate in romance and friendship.

Aries with Gemini

Both are independent and freedom-loving. Both Aries and Gemini enjoy a change and variety. It is highly likely that each one will rush headlong into a romance together, keen on the excitement and adventure it seems to promise.

The relationship promises to be interesting. Gemini will keep the Arian entertained and vice-versa. Aries will appreciate the Gemini’s straight-forward and open personality. Gemini will be glad of the fun they have together.

Aries will be seductively fun for the Gemini. Gemini will be impressed by the Arian’s intelligence, charm and charisma. Aries will appreciate the Gemini’s creativity, his or her communication skills and the way they’re always keen to try something new. It’s unlikely either will ever get bored when they are together. They share many interests and views. Basic compatibility will ensure their emotional and mental needs are taken care of. Aries is perhaps the more physical partner when it comes to loving but Gemini will no doubt go with the seductive flow!

So perhaps Gemini isn’t as passionate as the Arian but there is a lot in common. Gemini and Aries find in each other, another outgoing and fun-loving person. Both hate routine and boredom and both love change and variety.

Aries with Libra

It might take quite some time for Aries to really understand and get to know a Libran. Even so they do have a lot in common and can get on quite well. Libra is an intellectual sign and rarely gets over-emotional. Libra will understand the Arian’s need to pursue interests outside the home and their constant involvement in social and other events and activities.

Aries and Libra are opposite signs. It could be that they will sweep each other off their feet. This will be a romantic couple but Libra is not as strong or as assertive as the Aries. This might sometimes frustrate the Arian.

Love and friendship play an important part in the Libran’s life. A harmonious and romantic relationship is important to them and they will put a lot of imagination into keeping their relationships enjoyable. Even so, there may be some tension and conflict when Aries might prefer Libra to be more forceful about their views and opinions. Libra tends to go with the flow rather than cause any upset to anyone. Aries enjoys a good challenge.

Aries with Aquarius

Arians and Aquarians should get on well together. Both are outgoing and active socially. Both will have their independent interests as well as those activities they share together. Sometimes Arian might feel the Aquarius is never around when they want or need them and perhaps as if the Aquarius doesn’t put as much into this relationship as the Aries does.

Aries is a passionate sign and highly sexed too. Aquarius can be romantic but isn’t as physically demonstrative. Aries might sometimes feel they have to make an appointment just to enjoy one of those cosy, romantic evenings they get a lot of pleasure from. Aquarius will place more importance on the intellectual than the physical side of life which may not keep Aries truly satisfied.

Generally Fire signs and Air signs do get on well together especially in friendship but with some combinations, Aries will find it fairly demanding in an intimate relationship.


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