How to Make Money While Promoting Your Site on MyLot

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MyLot is a fun and useful social networking site that can be an excellent resource for promoting your website. It has a large community of users who log on to post and answer questions and discussions on just about any topic you can think of. The beauty of MyLot is that you can promote your site and actually make money doing it.

Using the MyLot Profile

To get the most out of MyLot for your site, register at MyLot and then use your profile page to promote your site. When viewing your profile, you will see a green box that says, “edit profile”. When you click on that box, you will have the ability to add html sections to your profile. The button for this is in the top right hand corner, in red text that reads, “add content”.


  • Click “add content’
  • Choose “HTML” and click “add item”
  • Scroll down the page until you see the “HTML sortie”
  • Hover your mouse over the header until a black four-way arrow appears
  • Drag the sortie to the top of your profile

Now you are ready to edit the sortie. To do this, hover your mouse over the top right corner of the HTML box. You will see the “edit” but appear in red. Click on “edit” and then paste your html code into the box. Use this box like an add banner as you would with any advertisement for your website. Be sure to click “save changes” in the upper right hand corner to save your work.

Upload Your Avatar and Slogan

To change the photo that appears in your profile, you will need to navigate to “preferences”. The link is at the top of the MyLot home page, next to your earnings summary and profile links. When you click on “preferences”, your avatar page will come up. Find your image and upload it. Make sure you put your site’s tag line in the slogan box. Click update and you are done!

Add Interests

Now that your profile is ready for viewers, you will want to attract visitors to your profile. Click on the “interests” tab in the middle of the MyLot home page. You can then add interests that relate to your website. If you have a wellness and nutrition site, you can add interests for all sorts of maladies or medicines. Entering interests is like identifying keywords for the audience you are looking to target.

Browse Discussions

Once you have your interests entered, click on the “discussions” tab, found next to the “interests” tab. You will automatically be directed to the “today’s top” tab for discussions. Next, click on the “my interests” tab, next to the “today’s top” tab. You will see the most recent discussions started within your niche.

Provide Useful Information

Browse through the discussions and select ones that relate to your site and for which you have some helpful information to offer. Do not go “trolling” or asking people to visit your site, unless you are giving them information specific to the question they are asking that will make them want to visit your site. Don not include links, but it is okay to name the site. Not only is this just plain polite, it will keep you from getting booted off this extremely useful site!

Do it Often

Get into the habit of visiting MyLot every day and checking out the discussions. Always offer useful information and only mention your site as a side note. People will check out your profile and link to your site. Not only does this increase traffic, but it drives the right kind of traffic to your site, targeting the users you are looking for.


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