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Make money online is not news. You do can make money online with many different way. Selling stuff, blog, or just writing or reading. Since it is real money, so it also came with lot of scam, which you don’t want. For example pyramid scam or multiple layers sell. So first thing you before you try to make money online. You need to avoid those scam first. To avoid scam is not so difficult, just keep in mind. Don’t think you can make money without hard working. If any commercial lure you by easy income, and ask you pay first. Don’t do it. Don’t pay any money before you get real income. No matter how small amount they ask you to pay.

If you understand what I wrote before, now you are ready to make money online. There are several way to make money online in save way. The first is PTC site. Pay to click. Some people think it is pyramid scam, I will say not 100%. I sign up two PTC to try what they doing to lure you in. Basically, there are real PTC business. they pay you very small money to ask you read commercial for 30 seconds. You will get 0.01 dollar for most of commercial you read. After I calculate, the most you can get from those site is $8 to $10 dollars a month. I don’t think you can get more than that. So what is the catch at those PTC site.

The catch is the pyramid sell or referral. You do get pay for referral, but I do know how it work out. When the site sell 200 click for $5 dollars to their cline. The PTC site earn 10 time more than your. So the site do make a lot money. Here are two article to tell you how to join them and avoid the catch.



The second way to get pay online is writing, I will say like blog. But not all blog or writing get pay. I try this for over a year. It is real and no scam. It may have some spam message, but it real pay for your contribution. 

Here are the list of several site who do pay you, and you don’t need to do too much work, but  writing.





Don’t be afraid to write, you always get pay for your contribution, and you will never know how many people “like” to read your articles. Even they don’t like, you still get pay for they read. All those site are very friendly, and members are friendly too. So Give it a try. Unlink other pay for your writing sites. These sites no need google AD sense account. So you don’t need to arrange AD. Also those have good quality control, so you get more reader for you articles.

At the end of this article is make money by blog. It is not complicate, you build a blog, or a website. It is free for most of them. if you don’t know where have free website  or blog service. You can find out with these article here.


After you have your own site or blog, and you sign up for google AD sense. You can put AD around your site, and get income from google. You can do this all by yourself with buy any tool from third party. So, don’t get scam.

Use google AD sense to make money is more skill than pots online article, but you can control all the income, and what you won’t to write at your website. You go more freedom, but you may not have a lot traffic at very beginning.

So good luck for your make money online, and you can do all of them in once. Thanks  for the reading.  


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