Samsung sgh-b520 the music phone

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If you are the one who thinks that you need a phone which is basically a PHONE + MP3 PLAYER then go for sgh-b520 of samsung hands down.This sliding phone at a cost of $70 is where economy, quality and stylishness actually meet. Yes, it has got no bluetooth,no infrared and ofcourse, no camera.But these are the only cons. It has FM radio, GPRS, WAP 2.0, T9 prediction, random wallpapers and ringtones options, java games, 1GB memory card, 3.5 mm earphone jack, high quality earphones and a data cable. It is beautiful with black metallic finish with a steel surrounding on the screen. The screen is a 65k display and most importantly it has got 7 hrs talktime. The sound quality of the loudspeaker and earphone is quiet good. Ih has got 5 alarms at a time and a lot other impressive features.


Max Your Music Style

Hum along to the latest hits. Groove to the beat. Even fall asleep with your favorite songs, thanks to Auto Off Mode. With Samsung Impact, you¡¯ll never be far from your favorite singers and performing artists. Just tap on the music hotkeys on the front of the slider, and enjoy the tunes blasting through your favorite earphones. And with microSD, you can carry your entire music library with you, free to play at your whim.

Music Mobile that’s a Perfect Fit

Samsung Impact is a compact mobile that meets your communication and entertainment needs. A true audio entertainer, this slider plays music files (easily stored on microSD) and tunes into FM radio. With added music-centric features from the music dedicated keys to the 3.5¨ª earphone jacks, this phone is a hit¡¦and it’s stylish and super portable to boot. This mini music companion is a mobile you¡¯ll love listening to all day long.

More to Your Mobile Experience

Samsung Impact is brimming with functionality to bring the performance of this mobile to another level. Everything from 40 Polyphonic ringtones which you can customize, multiple alarm settings to keep you on time, My Menu shortcut key to hasten phone navigation of your most frequently used menu items, convenient USB connectivity, Mobile Tracker and SOS Message security features, and a whole portfolio of PIM applications have been included to enhance your mobile experience.



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