City of Heroes Empathy Defender Guide Playing the Premier Healing Archetype in Paragon City

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While the other City of Heroes archetypes play in a similar manner regardless of their power sets, the same can not be said for the defender archetype. Shields, empathy, radiation and storm summoning defenders require different play styles, the empathy defender is considered to be the healing archetype and is this power set is in high demand by raid leaders, groups, and in guilds.

Playing an empathy defender is not all fun and games. By agreeing to be a healer, the player takes on the responsibility for keeping his group mates alive. Even though City of Heroes and City of Villains may be just a game, an empathy defender should take this role seriously. If a the player is a good empathy defender, leveling becomes far easier. A good empathy defender should never have a hard time finding groups.

The Empathy Defender Power Set

The abilities for this defender archetype center around healing. The ultimate expression of the healing art is bringing someone who has fallen back to life. In City of Heroes, players get knocked out rather than die, but the ability to bring group members or other players back to the action without a trip to the hospital is one of the most useful time saving abilities in the game. The movement power pools offer teleportation which can allow the empathy defender to bring other team members to the group’s location quickly.

Beginner Empathy Defender Leveling

Now, there is not much to empahty defender leveling. Somethings apply to all classes. An empathy defender must know about aggro control and must keep an eye on the hit points of all members of the group at all times. Healing is simply a matter of knowing which heals to use and at the right time.

The game mechanics for healers are the same in City of Heroes as they are for other mmorpgs. High hit point heals are great, but sometimes a lower hit point heal is just enough to keep a blaster or controller alive. If it comes down to having to let someone die, the blaster and scrapper are not as important to the group as the tanker, contoller, or the healer.

Maximizing the Empathy Defender’s Leveling Potential in City of Heroes

Although Empathy defenders are not the most powerful solo class, they can solo, if they choose their secondary power sets wisely. Storm summing is a good choice to maximize the damage potential for the empathy defender, although the City of Heroes Stratics page did not mention what the defender secondary powers were.

Leveling is a matter of getting groups and soloing when times are difficults. The Empathy defender may take longer, but its healing powers give this City of Heroes archetype greater flexibility than the other super hero archetypes in the game.


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