City of Heroes Controller Leveling Guide Getting to the End Game With This Archetype in CoH and CoV

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Not every superhero sits on the front lines impressing the enemy with their might strength or their weapons skills. Nor does every super hero blast their enemies from afar. Some superheroes terrorize villains by controlling the flow of their battles with them. The archetype that accomplishes defeats evil by directing the flow of a battle in City of Heroes is the controller archetype.

Leveling a City of Heroes controller is not a difficult process, but this archetype is more group dependent than any other archetype that roams the streets of Paragon city, with the possible exception of the empathy defender. If a player is good at his role in a group, he can do missions to get to level 50 and go on raids.

Beginner City of Heroes Controller Leveling

It would be hard to find an article on any City of Heroes archetype that does not mention that origin is a matter of personal choice. It determines your beginning contacts and the quests that a leveling controller takes through the areas of Paragon City. Far more important is the choice of primary powers. Controllers can choose from ice control, fire control, mind control, illusion control, and gravity control. Allow of these offer abilities to stop foes in their tracks and do damage, but some villains are more resistant to certain energy types than others.

Most of the secondary powers are shared by the defender archetype. These allow a controller limited ability to serve as a healer or boost the defensive abilities of his team. The secondary power sets of the controller are empathy, storm summoning, kinetics, radiation emission, and force field.

City of Heroes Controller Leveling in Groups

The quickest way to achieve maximum controller leveling is in groups. This archetype is not as group dependent as Everquest’s enchanter, but the solo process for controllers is much slower than group fights. The primary method for controller soloing is rooting a mob in place and using damage over time spells. Groups can take down enemies much more quickly.

The controller must pay attention to which mobs are about to break free and if one gets lose, to tie him down. While aggro control is important for this archetype, there are times when a controller must get aggro to do his job. Blasters with root abilities can perform emergency back-up crowd control.

Controller leveling in City of Heroes is as much a matter of a person’s online social skills as it is a measure of his skill in the game. If a controller remembers to be as friendly as possible and manages not to be incompetent at his job, he will likely be invited back to a group at another time.


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