Star Wars Galaxies Droid Engineering Guide Programming and Creating Robots and Components in this SWG

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Star Wars Galaxies gives players the opportunity to create star ships capable of going faster than the speed of light, grand civic structures, or technologically advanced clothing that enhances a character’s statistics and abilities, but one trade skill that separates the Star Wars Galaxies from its lesser sci-fi mmorpg competitors, it is the ability to create a number of the droids that help the humans and other intelligent aliens of the Star Wars universe.

Trader characters have the fun of making the valuable commodities that the players of the game need, but droid engineering holds a special place in the heart of a true fan. What player would turn down his own chance to create C-3P0 or R2-D2? The right crafting tools and components are what a Star Wars Galaxies player needs to start creating technologically advanced artificially intelligent robots.

Making Droids: Prototypes and Factories

All crafted items are made from schematics in Star Wars Galaxies. Schematics tell a player the materials he needs to build the item. The needed materials are metals and electronic components for droids. A player who possesses the schematics can make a prototype that is highly customizable, or mass produce droids from a factory, according to the SWG Stratics web site.

Protoype droids offer far more options for customization, but they are harder and more expensive to repair than other types. The player who wants to sell the droids he creates to other players should make them in a factory.

Droid Functions in Star Wars Galaxies

Protocol droids follow a player around and the astromech models help a pilot repair his ship and perform navigational tasks in space, but there are other types of the robots that make up the Star WarsGalaxies universe. Characters with this skill can construct mouse droids to carry message and droids that explode that can be sold to bounty hunters. Occasionally the robot companions of other players need repaired or components need replaced and then it is time to find someone with the droid engineering skill.

Star Wars Galaxies trade skills are not incredibly complex. Sony Online Entertainment’s video game programmers created a trade skill system that does not require a lot of research outside of the game to create useful items. Player-created macros can speed up the droid crafting process and give the player a chance to capture the high tech feel of the game.


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