What to Pack in Your Pregnancy Hospital Bag

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Are you getting ready to have a baby any day now?  One thing that expectant mothers always feel the need to have on a hand is a bag ready to take with them to the hospital.  If you’re in the middle of packing your pregnancy hospital bag, here is a quick list of things you’ll want to be sure to bring with you.

First, consider what you will need to bring to the hospital for yourself.  You will definitely want to bring all toiletry items you use daily.  To make things really easy, take a trip to the store and buy a bunch of travel size items so that you can just throw everything away when you leave the hospital.  The fewer things you need to take home with you, the better since you’ll probably accumulate presents for the baby, flowers, balloons, and things like that  which also need to be brought home.  So get travel shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.  It will simplify your life immensely.

Next, you will need some clothing.  Figure on a nice maternity outfit to come home in.  You will also want a supportive bra, and if you are planning on breastfeeding, make sure you have a nursing bra along.  I would suggest leaving any nice pajamas at home, since it’s very likely that they will get stained during your hospital stay.  Save those for when you get home.  Just wear the hospital gowns provided.  No one will think anything of it.  You are in the hospital after all!  You might want to bring several pairs of socks though.  Those can get awfully dirty too, so it’s good to have extra pairs on hand.

If you think you’ll get bored in the hospital, feel free to bring a magazine or book along with you, although you will most likely be too tired to read and too excited just holding your precious baby that you won’t even want to do such things.  Perhaps a baby book might be helpful if this is your first baby.  You can read up on what to expect over the next few weeks with your body and with your baby.

One thing that can be very comforting is having your own pillow with you.  Hospital pillows are terribly uncomfortable, and it can make all the difference in the world to have your usual pillow with you when you try to rest and get a little sleep.

Now on to what you need to bring in your pregnancy hospital bag for the baby.  The baby will need a change of clothes for the ride home, some soft socks, a hat, a blanket, and you may want to bring a few diapers just in case.  The hospital does provide a pack of diapers, but if your baby needs more changes than usual, you may need a few extra to tide you over until you get home.  Someone will have to bring a carseat for the baby later, because you won’t be allowed to bring the baby home without one.

You will also want to pack a camera and a camcorder along with you in your pregnancy hospital bag.  These are essential!  You don’t want to miss any of your baby’s first moments.  So be sure to have these along.

If you pack all of these things in your pregnancy hospital bag, you should be set and ready for that baby to come at any minute.   Just remember not to overpack.  Overpacking just means having more to unpack when you get home!


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