Help For Adult Orphans

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Suffering through the loss of both parents can be difficult and painful. There’s no bandage for healing the emotional wound of loss, and there’s no road map for navigating through it quickly. It is a life lesson where each person must find their own way through, all the while looking for points of light along the way to guide them.

Many adult orphans still have a spouse, siblings, or children to help them through the long, difficult process. For others who don’t have that support system in place, it can be much harder. For someone who has lost both parents, the pain can feel almost unbearable. First, there may be the realization of being completely and utterly alone in the world, even if there is a spouse or other relative in the picture. The world suddenly becomes much larger.

It’s very common for this feeling to be accompanied by fear, anxiety, guilt, or resentment. Try looking at it realistically. Illness and accidents can happen at any time in our lives. While unfortunate, dwelling on it will not change the outcome. It’s okay to feel sad about the loss. Acknowledge those feelings and take each day one at a time.

It can be very easy to get pulled down into the spiral of depression, but after a few weeks if the grief still prevents the ability to focus on things that were once appealing, consider speaking with a counselor, join a grief support group, or have a talk with a physician.

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