Beware of Spam Traps!

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I have a day job, I work at my daughters high school, but I also freelance on the side and am currently a ghost writer for a real estate agency.  I like to look for extra freelance work not only for the extra cash, but because I love writing.  One place I search for extra work is on craigslist.  I have found a lot of legit work there, but lately I have found more spam than usual.  The ad looks legit so I respond to it.  I follow all of the requirements on the instructions.  Then I wait.  Last week I responded to three different ads.  All three responded to me.  They told me that due to the volume of responses they had received, I needed to go to a particular website and fill out all the required information, then I can upload my resume.  They went on to say that if I did not follow all of the rules, then my resume would not be reviewed. 

I clicked on the link they provided, and it was a site that was clearly spam.  You put in your email address and zip code, this would qualify me for a “free” lap top computer!  Then it took me to a page that required me to fill out a questionnaire about different things, the usual survey stuff that comes in spam. 

Needless to say, I did not do this, I have enough spam without voluntarily asking for more!  I tried responding to the address that the email came from, and of course, it came back. 

For all of the authors out there who love writing, please beware of these spam traps.  I know there are legit postings on craigslist, I have found a few, but for every real posting, it seems there are 5 spam traps.  It is really sad people don’t have anything better to do!


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