House Plant Care Tips

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House plants suffer from two main causes, over watering and under watering, but there are also other ailments that afflict house plants. Here are some house plant care tips to help alert you to potential problems and how to cure them.

More house plants die from over watering them. If your house plant is drowning, the stem and foliage will become soft and begin to decay. Allowing the house plant to dry out may save it.

An under watered house plant will display dry, brown edges on the leaves. Begin to mist your house plant twice a day to save it.

If your house plant has a musty smell, place a thin layer of crushed charcoal on the top layer of the soil to absorb the smell.

A house plant that is bending over is most likely being over fed, cut back on the feeding and the house plant should straighten back up.

A house plant can be sun burned if it is placed in direct sunlight. Placing your house plants in filtered sunlight is the best way to avoid giving them a sun burn.

If the leaves are falling off from the bottom of your house plant, touch the plant’s soil and see is it is soggy wet. If it is, the soil has poor drainage and the house plant is not getting enough oxygen to it’s roots. Let the soil dry out and take a knitting needle and long nail and give your plant an acupuncture treatment by inserting the knitting needle or nail into the soil in several places to aerate the soil.

If you have pests on your house plants, buy a sticky fly strip and cut off one inch of the fly strip and place somewhere on the house plants foliage to catch the pests. If it is a large house plant, use more than 1 piece of the sticky fly strip on the house plant.


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