Amazingly Unique and Beautiful Flowers

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Roses and tulips are two of the most popular beautiful flowers in the world, no doubt about that. But there’s a lot more

beautiful flower somewhere out there. Brighten up your day with these 10 gorgeous and extremely unique flowers.

1. First on the list is “Toad Lily” (Tricyrtis hirta)


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This stunning flower belongs to Tricyrtis, a genus of the botanical family Liliaceae, known in English as Toad lily. They

are perennial herbaceous plants that grow naturally at the edge of forests.

2. Next is “Fetid Adders Tongue” or Scoliopus


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This flower is simply amazing. It is a genus of plant within the Liliaceae family. It can only be found in deep shaded

forests, primarily in the coastal counties of the western United States from central California to northern Oregon. The

name “Scoliopus” derives from the Greek words skolios and pous, meaning curved foot, a reference to the shape of

the pedicel.

3. Third on the line is “Black Pearl Lily” (Ornithogalum arabicum)


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This unusual but pretty flower is a species of star of Bethlehem native to a variety of areas of Europe. Take a closer

look at the object on the center of the flower; it looks like a small bottle of expensive perfume.

4. Fourth on the list is “Stuart’s Desert Pea” (Swainsona Formosa)


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This extremely bizarre flower is an Australian plant in the genus Swainsona, named after English botanist Isaac

Swainson, famous for its distinctive blood-red leaf-like flowers, each with a bulbous black centre, or “boss”. It is

one of Australia’s best known wildflowers. It is native to the arid regions of central and north-western Australia,

and its range extends into all mainlands Australian states with the exception of Victoria.

5. Completing the first half of the list is “Cliff Bottlebrush” (Callistemon comboynonsis)


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Another odd-looking but certainly beautiful flower endemic to Australia is the Crimson Bottlebrush. It’s unique in

the sense that the flower are made up of match stick-like objects instead of the usual petals.

6. Sixth on the list is an emasculated Lilium “Stargazer”


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This flower is simply beautiful. Star gazer is a vigorous Oriental lily, bearing racemes of large, unscented, star-shaped

flowers with spreading petals, marked with darker spots.

7. Seventh on the line is “Winged Stem Passion Flower” (Passiflora alata)


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This unique and truly attractive flower is the Winged-stem Passion flower. It is a vine which bears an edible type of

passion fruit. It is native to the Amazon region of Brazil. The native peoples living in areas where the plant thrives

refer to it as “ouvaca,” meaning “red star” due to the appearance of its flower. The fruit it bears is also highly prized by

locals and is said to be delectable.

8. On the eight spot, “Flame Lily” (Gloriosa superba)


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This flower is really quite unique in structure. The most common names are: flame lily, fire lily, gloriosa lily, glory lily,

superb lily, climbing lily, creeping lily. Whatever name they call it, this flower is simply amazing.

9. We’re almost there, we are now on the ninth slot, the “Blue Passion Flower” (Passiflora caerulea)


Image Source


Image Source

You will definitely be amuse and captivated by the uniqueness of this flower called the Blue Passion flower. It

seems to be handcrafted like the winged-stem passion flower. Ah…nature, you are truly wonderful. This flower

is native to Brazil and Argentina.

10. And the last but certainly not the least, “Pink Whirls” (Osteospermum)


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This flower is just one of the many evidences of nature’s splendid beauties. Pink Whirls flower is truly a masterpiece.

I just can’t stop myself from admiring this jaw-dropping beauty of nature. It is commonly called Pink whirls.

I hope you enjoyed this list of extraordinary and pretty flowers. Thank you!

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