Color your hair Red or Pink using PAAS Easter egg coloring

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 Did you know you can touch up your Red hair with Red Easter Egg color by PAAS? Yes, you heard me right you can actually use the leftover Easter egg coloring and touch up your hair color. Being a beautician for over 15 years I have experienced so many different color techniques like block coloring, foil coloring, lowlights, highlights, shadow box techniques, coloring with Kool aid, and chunking.

Have you tried every home remedy to keep your Red hair from fading and nothing is working for you? Then please try the PAAS egg coloring. How would you dye or freshen up your Red hair with the egg coloring? This process is very simple a little messy, but hey that’s what gloves are for. The process is very similar to dying Easter eggs except your dying your hair. The only PAAS colors I know of that actually do work are the Red and the Pink. Your hair will have a slight vinegar smell afterwards, but that’s where the shampoo comes in. You can shampoo your hair with a Color treated shampoo.

After you color your hair with the egg coloring you may wash it afterwards once. Ten use a cool rinse to lock in the color and shine. This is  agreat alternative to hair color. Not only is it safe, but this will not harm or break thehair off like some of the hair coloring does. So after you have colored your Easter eggs dont throw the egg coloring away. Freshen up your hair with it. Red hair is one of the most difficult colors to keep up with, but dont worry you do have options to help it.

Hair coloring your hair with the Easter egg coloring is great, especially if you just want highlights or a face frame of bold color. I have not tried the other egg coloring colors, but if you are adventurous you may try. If you are interested in other ways to keep your Red hair from fading you can check this other article out here called “Tips on keeping your Red hair from fading”


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