Example of a Summer Internship Recommendation Letter

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Example of a summer internship recommendation letter

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January 24, 2009

Marivic Miranda

HR Manager

Asea Brown Boveri, Inc.

Km. 20 West Service Road,

Parañaque City


Greetings of Peace!

A requirement of our engineering curricula is the In-Plant Training that would complement the knowledge learned by students in the classroom. This would give them a chance to be exposed to actual working environment for a minimum of 320 hours.

In view of this, we are requesting for our BS Electronics and Communication Engineering students to undergo in-plant training in your company during the summer term. At the end of the training, we require our students to submit a narrative report of their experience together with the student’s evaluation of their performance and a certification form the company.

We would like to recommend Rexaniel Y. Saburnido a BS ECE 4th year student to undergo training in your company.

Thank you very much in anticipation for a favorable response on this request. We look forward to a continuous and harmonious relationship between your company and our institution.

Sincerely yours,


Prof. Mercedenia A. Lambino

EE/ECE/EC Dept. Chairman

Noted by:


Dr. Feliciano B. Alagao, Ph.D.

College Dean

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