Making Less Fortunate Equal to Fortunate!!

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Making Less Fortunate Equal to Fortunate!!

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Competitions now a days serves as the basis of everything. It can greatly affect every aspect of our life; it can push us up or down. But it can somehow motivate and build us, making us more aware and sensitive in everything around us.

Competition is indeed everywhere and most likely start in the most basic unit of the society which is the family. A home where a family lives together is a place where every member interact each other day by day and also a place where great competition occurs maybe it terms of money, care and love. Competition also is most common in job hunting. If you are educated and acquired a lot of skills then you have a great chance for employment, but if you are less fortunate and lack of education you may be the last priority.

I am not saying that if you are lack of education and skills you should give your way, but instead you should challenge yourselves and work harder. Don’t loss hopes learn to fight, be open to everything and have self trust. Make effective strategies and plan ahead of time, always prepare yourselves for any obstacles that you may encounter along the way. Don’t also forget to build a personal relationship with our God. He can help you in any way even in the times that it seems to be no way. Remember that we are all equal in the eyes of our God. You can make this as your first motivation. This is the best way in making less fortunate equal to fortunate.

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