Stress Can be Useful

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Stress is one of the attributes of modern life. No matter if we like it or not, stress is a daily part of our lives.

Very often stress is due to external factors we can’t avoid. An evil boss, family problems, troubles over money, etc. are all frequent causes of stress and almost always they are beyond our control. Yes, you can quit your job, divorce your spouse (if the problem is with your spouse and not with your kids, parents, relatives and other family members), control what to spend money on, etc. but still there are times when we are powerless to fight against the stress factors.

When people are subject to stress, this is bad. Stress is the cause for many diseases and even if you don’t die right away, it kills you slowly. This is really so.

On the other hand, stress can be good. No, I don’t mean that if you hate somebody and start terrorizing him or her and he eventually dies, this is good. Certainly good stress is not that.

Rather, good stress is when you are under pressure and you achieve things you would have never achieved normally. When we are under pressure, our bodies produce certain substances and we manage to pull our resources. In a way, stress can motivate us to outperform our usual performance.

However, this performance enhancement does have its limits. It is when we go over these limits, which are individual, that problems start. So maybe the trick to stress management is to learn how to dose stress properly – i.e. be exposed to stress only until the moment stress is still a motivator and avoid exposure when there is a risk to overdose. I guess that the people, who have managed to find this balance are lucky and they know what they are living for!


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