How To Make Sugar Crystals

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Step 1

First off you will want to pour the sugar and the water into the pan.

Step 2

Second you have to boil them on the stove and constantly mix the two ingredients. You dont want to cook it for to long or else the sdsugar will turn into hard candy. Although this is very cool we are going for something different.

Step 3

Third stir the solution until all the sugar has dissolved. You want it to look clear not all shiny with sugar sparkles. If you want to you can add food coloring or flavoring such as lemon, strawberr, watermelon, or anything of that nature. You might want to use extract instead of a real lemon because this will slow the process down.

Step 4

Set the pot of sugar syrup in the refrigerator to cool. You want the liquid to be about 50°F (slightly cooler than room temperature). Sugar becomes less soluble as it cools, so chilling the mixture will make it so there is less chance of accidentally dissolving sugar you are about to coat on your string.

Step 5

prepare your string, you should be using cotton because it is non toxic. Tie the string to a pencil or anything that will hold across the top of the glass. And dont have the string touch the sides or the bottom.

Step 6

Rather then anything that will kill you, you want your string to be weighted down so i would prefere a lifesaver or anything like that. Nothing metal.

Step 7

Whether you are using the Lifesaver or not, you want to ‘seed’ the string with crystals so that the rock candy will form on the string rather than on the sides and bottom of the jar. There are two easy ways to do this. One is to dampen the string with a little of the syrup you just made and dip the string in sugar. Another option is to soak the string in the syrup and then hang it to dry, which will cause crystals to form naturally (this method produces ‘chunkier’ rock candy crystals).

Step 8

Once your solution has cooled, pour it into the clean jar. Suspend the seeded string in the liquid. Set the jar somewhere quiet. You can cover the jar with a paper towel or coffee filter to keep the solution clean.

Check on your crystals, but don’t disturb them. You can remove them to dry and eat when you are satisfied with the size of your rock candy. Ideally you want to allow the crystals to grow for 3-7 days. Step Then you are ready to eat some delicious rock candy. It takes time but really well worth it.


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