Save Money While Giving Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

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Envious of the wonderful bathroom designs seen on television?  How about the ideas seen in home improvement stores? If big ideas are out of your budget, try paint, and these few additional items,  which should cost under $100.

After you pick a  paint in your choice of color, you will need paint brushes, a new toilet seat, possibly a throw rug, and a can of spray paint for the bathroom hardware.

If you have a bathroom mirror that can be framed, have pieces of trim cut to the size of the mirror before you start. You will need some silicone caulk to attach the pieces of wood to your mirror. Paint this trim before you begin painting the walls of your bathroom so the trim pieces have several hours to dry before being installed.

Consider using fabric curtains you have on hand instead of a typical shower curtain. This can be placed on top of the shower liner, or over an old shower curtain. This softens the bathroom, and can lend to a somewhat luxious look.

To prepare the bathroom, remove everything that will get in the way of working. Clean everything that needs to be cleaned before applying fresh paint. Remove any cabinet hardware that will be replaced or painted. If you have money left in your budget, cabinet hardware is a good choice to add an inexpensive upgrade to  your bathroom.

Tape any areas that need protection from paint. Place drop cloths or old bed sheets on the bathroom fixtures. Cover your floor with cloths or paper to minimize cleaning time.

Once you have painted the wood trim that you will install on your mirror, begin painting the walls while this trim drys. After the first coat, allow the paint to dry thoroughly before deciding if a second coat is needed. If you are using a color close to the existing one, you may not need a second coat of paint.

If you are not replacing your cabinet hardware, clean or paint  existing hardware, using spray paint in the color of your choice. Lightly sand before painting if needed.

Add your new toilet seat. If you have never done this, read the instructions carefully. It is easy to break plastic parts that are used to fasten the seat to the toilet.

After it is dry, attach primed & painted wood trim to your mirror with silicone caulk. Let this dry for 24 hours before caulking the seams with white, paintable caulk. Touch up any caulked areas according to package directions.

If you decide you need to purchase new curtains or a new shower curtain, keep in mind these can be found in most discount stores for about one third what they are in department stores.

Don’t you love your new bathroom?


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