What is a Weenis? – Words and Phrases to Make You Giggle

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You must admit, “weenis” is one of the funniest words in the English language.  Perhaps it’s because it’s so similar to “penis” that it makes us laugh like school girls every time we hear it. Granted, it’s more of a slang term than an actual word, but it’s still funny. So, what is a weenis exactly? You might be surprised to find out.

Weenis Phrases

The weenis is defined by the Urban Dictionary as the excess skin on your elbow. That’s not so funny, right? Well, how about some of these weenis-spawned phrases (ala Urban Dictionary) to tickle your funny bone?

  • Weenis Attack – When five or more people simultaneously smack you with their weenises.  I must admit I’d never heard of this one, but it reminds me of the Uno Attack commercial – WEENIS ATTACK!
  • Weenis Envy – The deep feeling of jealousy you experience when someone stretches their arm out in front of you and pulls down their weenis, showing that it’s bigger than yours. That doesn’t leave much to the imagination….
  • Weenis Love – When two people rub their weenises together. Come here, baby, and let me give you some weenis love!
  • Weenophile – A young male who enjoys comparing his weenis to others’ via the internet. I can’t believe this exists…Would you like to compare weenises? I have a webcam.

Weenis Games

Yep, that’s right. Step right up and let’s play some weenis games! The Weenis Rodeo is a game in which a contestant grabs onto someone’s weenis and tries to hold on as long as possible while the person moves their elbow up and down in a hammering motion. A third party judge counts the number of seconds that elapse before the contestant loses his grip on the weenis.

It sounds like the domain of drunken teenage boys to me, but you can’t deny the fun that could be had in the basement after a few shots and a round of weenis rodeo.

Weenis Poems

And you thought we were done with the revelation of the weenis rodeo! Oh no, I found this lovely poem on Urban Dictionary – an ode to the weenis, if you will….

It is a flap of skin.
It holds your elbows in.
It sounds like penis,
But it is weenis,
Oh, Yes, It is!!!

Weenis or Weenus?

Apparently, there is more than one spelling of weenis out there. Here are some phrases using the infamous alternate spelling, “weenus”.

  • Weenus-Pimp – One who has a fetish for touching other people’s weenis, but won’t allow their own weenis to be touched. I’m not sure why the word “pimp” is associated with this phrase, but it certainly makes you giggle.
  • Weenusminusitis – Small weenus syndrome. Are you cursed with a smaller than average weenus?

Weenis in the Media

The elusive weenis has made a few primetime television debuts. Although he likes to keep a low profile, which I’m sure you can tell, you still can catch him in the following programs.

  • Mr. Show with Bob and David – A 1998 episode of Mr. Show, staring the always funny Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, was named, probably inappropriately, “Show me Your Weenis”.
  • City of Angels – Season 1, Episode 3 of the television show City of Angels, is entitled “The Weenis between Us”.

According to Kissthisguy.com, the archive of commonly misheard song lyrics, many people have mistaken the lyrics to Britney Spears’ song Stronger, “my loneliness ain’t killing me” as “my low weenis is killing me”.

Weenis Controversy

Apparently, the lowly weenis has offended many people – and they’re sick and tired of having their elbows made fun of! Debate.org hosts a debate where people can share their views of the weenis – good or bad. Join the debate here.


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