Dangerous Drivers and cutting people off people

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How many of you have been in a situation with a crazy driver? I have been a number of times and I think that we sould be able to make a citizens arest.  When people break the law citizens should be able to make each other pay for it. There are so many crazy drivers that are on cell phone,run stop signs,run red lights. Literally cut people off and cause wrecks. Why do you suppose they do this? In my experince it is road rage.

They are in a hurry or just plain not paying attention and next thing you know they hit you. Sometimes you are lucky and don;t gt hurt from the wreck and other times you get hur bad. Well here is what happend to my husband lastnight at 6:00 P.M. he was leaving to pick me up when suddely this lady ran the stop sign and hit him. She hit him so bad that they had to use the jaws of life to get him out of the car. Now I know you are thinking wow that is scary. It is exactly what I thought when I got the call that he was in a sccident. I was so hysterical and angry. That yet again someone hurt my husband and totaled our car.

I am writing this for all the people that feel like it is okay to cut people off or run a alight or stop sign. Think about what you are doig before you kill yourself or hurt or kill the other people. I am not pointing fingers at anyone just think before you choose to make the worst mistake of your lie.


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