Residual Income Pay Per Views Vs Ad Revenue

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On the road to building residual income, you will be faced with many choices. There are many different ways to build residual income online. One of the easiest ways for most people to do this is with freelance writing. There are many freelance writing sites that allow you to build residual income on them with articles that you write. Once you have chosen this way to start building residual income for yourself, you will be faced with a choice of different types of revenue share freelance writing sites to choose from. There are the sites that pay per views and others pay ad revenue. There are Pros and Cons of each type of residual income model.

Pay Per Views


There are many freelance writing sites that will pay you a set amount of money per thousand views of your articles. Many freelance writers like this income model as their way to build residual income. The reason for this is that they feel that they are more guaranteed to earn money from their articles. As long as someone clicks on their article to read it, they will build residual income from it.

Some articles that are written will drive great numbers of readers to them, but will not result in many ad clicks. Some types of articles that do well with this is celebrity information and news articles. If you are a freelance writer, who writes articles that do not match up well with ads but has lots of readers, then you will make more money with the pay per views income model to build residual income.


The freelance writing web site that you post your articles on with pay per views model can be making a lot more money off you articles if people do click on the ads. Once the articles start to receive regular traffic, they can generate $20 a month for the site, yet you make only earn about $5 per views.

Ad Revenue


Freelance writing sites that allow you to earn ad revenue on your articles to build residual income, share a percentage of each ad click with you. The percentage that is shared can vary greatly from site to site. You directly earn like the freelance writing site does off you articles. If the site makes $100 off your articles from ad clicks, you know exactly what percentage of this money that will be coming your way.

This way to build residual income pays the writers for the keyword research that they do with alignment with great ads. The better the keywords used with the ad revenue model, the more money that a writer can earn. As long as people are clicking on the ads around your articles, you do not need a lot of views to be making a lot of money.


With the ad revenue model to build residual income, there will be some articles that never earn anything. This is just the way to ad clicks fall. You can write an article that you know will generate traffic and no one clicks on your ads and you will not earn a penny on them


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