Can you Protect Your Online Business Against a Negative Blogging Campaign?

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Your company’s reputation is being attacked by a negatative blogging campaign. How do you defend your business on the Web and respond when the blogger is an angry customer or an cyber bully who is looking for publicity and hits on his own web site? Do you need to release a damage control press statement or call in your lawyers?

1 You as a CEO need to take serious actions when a professional blogger is attempting to destroy your company’s reputation. Take action. Remain objective and do not take the blogging personally. Have a service such as eWatch track your online coverage and email you when your Company’s name or products appear on someone’s web page.

2 Your next step would be to respond in a quick fashion to a public forum on your own web site, or if you don’t have a blog page, create one. Anything said about your company never goes away. It will be stored in search engines and found by potential customers long after the blogger was stopped. Ask your stockholders, clients or employees to go on the counter-offense on your behalf.

 This is better than you fighting the blogger alone. Integer Midwest, a public relations firm in Iowa, suggests, always be transparent, don’t disguise your identity when responding to the blog. Fact Check and Fact Correct according to Claire Celsi. You can use wikihow to check for accuracy and appropriate sources, or other online resources wikipedia. If your business is being seriously hurt in a negative campaign, then you may need to call in the Pros.

 For a fee, you can call in companies such as “Reputation Defender” or “Naymz” to have these businesses take your company and reshape it and change it’s image. In other words, restore your reputation. Don’t sit back and let your company be assaulted by a blog attack, be proactive and not reactive.

a disgruntled employee could be the source of flames of attack

Blogging is mearly a matter of one person’s perspective, take that person’s reputation into account also.

Using the tactic of Befriending the blogger by being accessible to them and emailing them, could turn the disarm the critic

You do have to know what is being written about your company online, it stays in the search engines forever.

If you don’t respond with a positive rebuttal quickly, an all out attack could damage your company and you will have to pay a high fee to have your company’s image revamped or reshaped


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