7 Things To Beat Unemployment Blues

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In a rough economy it can be hard to feel good about yourself, the catch on that is the fact that confidence can help land a job. Here are a few tips on feeling good through the rough times. It is important to keep your mood up and thinking positive. Here are some useful tips that may help in these troubled times:

  1. Write down everything you did today before bed – This may help give you a sense of accomplishment in the little things. 
  2. Set an attainable goal – Setting a goal you can reach will help build your confidence back up.
  3. Balance – Balance your work, play, and sleep so that you live a balanced life style. 
  4. Smell the roses – Take a moment to enjoy something simple.
  5. Do What you can… Do not over do – Trying to push things and over stressing yourself will not help anyone including yourself, set your goals and work towards them and a planned fashion. Make sure deadlines are met, and things are moving but, do not forget your only human.
  6. Forgive yourself – Nothing is worse than blaming yourself day after day for things you can not change, forgive yourself for a change, and move forward towards better things.
  7. Take a Night Off- Taking one night a week to pamper yourself rather it be a favorite tv show, long bath, or going out for ice cream, can help settle your mood, take the edge off, and make you feel more relaxed about life.

Combine all 7 things and you just might find yourself worrying a little less about the small stuff, accepting yourself more, and moving forward towards something great. Remember, only you… can change you.


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