Twilight Movie Review

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After long drought of heart warming romantic flick in the world entertainment industry, Summit Entertainment finally came up with something new, refreshing and cool that can amuse people from different walks of life. Well, not really that cool as some audience bitterly complained how the story badly interpreted by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and director Catherine Hardwicke. Film Adaptation is always different from the book itself, this is the common trend for ages in the film making industry. Well, I will not dwell so much on moviegoers’ disappointment and frustration because I find the film very seductive and alluring, and the story impressed my unbending principle about romantic films. The movie kicks off in world theaters last November 21, 2008 and went on to become one of the most fascinating films of 2008.

Twilight narrates the story of two different people destined to meet and fall deeply in love in bizarre circumstances, Isabella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart)is described as a clumsy, sweet girl whose shy character made her an interesting newcomer in Forks high school and Edward Cullen (British actor/model Robert Pattinson, who previously played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), a gorgeous and irresistible guy in the campus appeared to be just 17 years old physically but actually a 108-year-old vampire. Together, they formed a wonderful bond of extraordinary love that crosses lines of two unusual Worlds. Their unconditional love swings in the most breathtaking story of danger, suspense and adventure. The story itself has its own appeal to the masses: a transcendental love that rooted in trust, respect & genuine desire.

The film picks up on Bella as she unenthusiastically moved to live with her father Charlie Swan (played by Billy Burke) who is the chief of police in the small, gloomy town of Forks, Washington. Since her parents divorced, she had spent her life with her mother in Phoenix, Arizona, when the latter remarry and wants to travel with her new husband to coach a local baseball team, Bella decided to join her father in Forks and study at the nearest Forks High school. She was gladly welcomed by her perky classmates; fascinated with her youth and freshness, she became the prize catch among the boys, however, her attention intriguingly fall to a mysterious and snobbish pale-skinned hunk described by her classmates as one of the Cullens who never hang out with them.

Edward Cullen exudes masculinity and mystery which fascinates Bella, he seemed does not talk and would only threw limited glances, their first encounter leave a bad impression, when the two meet closely and become seatmates at their Biology class, Edward feels irritated with Bella’s strange “smell” (she always bring a pungent spray made from onion given to her by her father), that he stormed out of the laboratory room and want to change his subject schedule. He didn’t show up for the next couple of days which made Bella, unconsciously, yearned for his presence. When they met again several days later, their excitements to see each other again and their strong desire to be together are undeniably evident in their eyes which they hide through their awkward gazes and reluctant glances, but Edward tried to resist his feelings to avoid a dangerous encounter where he could be drawn to her smell and thirst for her blood. Though the Cullens feed themselves by sucking blood of animals and not humans, he still considered himself a dangerous killer. But then destiny pulled them together, an accident in a parking lot change the whole thing. When Bella was almost hit by a speedy car, Edward rushed to her side, pushed the car and made her safe, the situation puzzled Bella who was intrigued with Edward’s strange strength and speed.

His mysterious personality, where he won’t appear in the school campus when sunshine strikes and the prodding of her friend Jacob that the Cullens’ family history belongs to American legendary wolves, prompted Bella to make a research. Edward has the capacity to read people’s mind except for Bella which frustrate him, then he slowly realized that such inability to read Bella’s mind is an indication that their love is genuine. When she was seized by a group of men at the bookstore one evening, Edward suddenly appeared and rescued her. Bella finally find courage and opportunity to confront Edward in the woodland and discovered the truth. Instead of becoming frightened, she was sympathetic and felt a surge of emotion towards him. During their confrontation, Edward showed her how his physical body transformed into glittery diamonds when struck by sunlight and why his eyes changed colors, Bella find it very awesome and magnificent.

The Cullen family is a non-threatening vampire, in fact Edward’s adoptive father Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facenilli) worked as a chief Physician in their town, they choose to live in Forks County mainly because the cloudy climate where it rained most of the day help concealed their dark secret. The highlight of the movie was when James (played by Cam Gigandet), part of the nomadic group of vampires which attacked humans, discovered that one of the Cullens’ companion during a leisure baseball game in the forest is actually a human, a very interesting human being. James eventually desired her smell and blood and was obsessed with her flesh; the scene is followed by the chilling episodes of chasing. Determined to protect her, the Cullens family worked together to crush the enemy. The hard hitting action, which displayed the real strength of vampires, happens in the ballet studio where Edward had to give all his force to save Bella.

When you look at it, the story has a very simple plot- no extraordinary action sequences or glaring visual effects, it did not even include a gruesome image of vampires with dreadful costumes, protruding teeth and blazing eyeballs which sucked blood and mangle humans’ flesh. But it captures every one’s fantasy of a feel good movie that can raise enough amounts of endorphin hormones, where you can hear the thumping of one’s heart and the giggling of middle aged women. Edward is very impressive and captivating, endowed with supernatural gifts,  his dark secret punches a more intriguing appeal and passion, apart from being a dangerous predator, he is incredibly awesome and can fulfill every girl’s dream for a Prince Charming: mysterious, gorgeous, devoted, sincere and protective, which convulsed a more thrilling passion. Their extraordinary romance helps invigorate fresh feeling from deep with in, the gushy, silly emotion of being in love for the first time.

Twilight is shot mainly in the hinterland of Portland, Oregon showing a great forest reserves with a spectacular landscape. The film did not show the Cullens seized animals or drank blood, they appeared to be attractive creatures and harmless, creating an inspiring guy-next- door image for Edward. At some point, Edward poked fun of their vampirism nature by telling Bella if she was surprised that she did not see coffins and dungeons at their house (a magnificent rest house in the middle of the forest with incredible glass windows, sliding doors and a stunning sight of Oregon’s amazing woodlands).

The film pumps tender moments allowing each character to communicate feelings in a most fascinating way. When Edward declared “I feel very protective of you, I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore”, it seems like the most magical lines to hear, great substitutes for chocolates and roses. The sugary romance scenes are perfectly done and very, very charming, though the film suggested sensuality and intimacy, Edward’s and Bella’s characters tailored to resist temptations and postponed sexual encounter, which made the waiting deliciously intense. Whatever disappointments the global audience felt towards this film, it save the day by allowing Stewart and Pattinson carry the tender love dialogues for about 5 to 6 seconds which capture attention inside the theater.

Director Hardwicke did not pick up the whole scenes in Meyer’s book leaving moviegoers disillusioned. But she presented the film in a most exhilarating style engulfed with unique romantic punches. She withheld sex scenes, allowing the young couple to savor sweet moments. Though most online reviews find the film rigid and unproductive, I find it very inspiring, fresh and passionate that even if I would watch it a hundred times I won’t feel bored or weary.

Author Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight in a very wholesome manner, she carefully build a connection of sensuality, love and lust but refused to create a pre-marital sex scene to educate today’s wild generation that genuine love is composed of respect and trust and every moment is worth the wait. This theme is religiously followed by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and implied that Edward could not make love to Bella because having an intimate contact with him can instantly kill her.

Twilight created fantastically using sacrificial love as a main theme, how strong we are to resist temptations and lustful feelings can triumphantly help us discover inner satisfaction, excitement and genuine affection, in this movie the vampirism aspect is presented to communicate to teenagers that lust can be resisted and can be avoided, the strong desire to be together should not be used to abuse one’s trust, instead, it must be used as a guiding principle to protect each other, to guide each other and to become whole, that we should not look the person we love as merely illusion but a person whom we can offer our devotion, compassion and respect to dance into the music of forever, then and only then we can consummate our ultimate desire of intimacy. When Bella decided to accept Edward unconditionally and even wanted to become a vampire to be with him eternally, it pumps sensation of wonderful feelings and inspiration that true love can transform us into a supernatural being and make us glow, sparkle and radiate even in the midst of darkness.

So, the next time we set to meet someone and become overwhelmed with emotion, why not turned back the clock and remember the great lessons Bella and Edward gave us that true love, no matter how hopelessly impossible the circumstances are, can really wait and there’s no victory could be sweeter than those fought in the name of love. Though, it’s so hard to find a man, who is both gorgeous and protective, and a girl who is sweet, doubtless and confident, let’s be contented with the fact that life can be fair sometimes, giving us at one point in our life, to meet someone who can be there when trouble sets in.


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