The Poet Lives

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Scratchin’ and scrapin’ and scrounge to get by,
everyday an adventure, makes the time fly.
Waiting and wondering and chasing pipe dreams,
always i ponder for new plots and schemes.
Selling and scamming, and still end up broke,
starts to turn into a sad old joke.
Thriving and jiving and copping a rush,
if i can’t make you giggle, i’ll make you blush.
Laughing and loving and drinking in life,
i like to argue, but i don’t like to fight.
Jumping and leaping about like a freak,
but i get my kicks when i start to speak.
Looking and learning and losing the game,
losing it all and going totally insane.
Knowing and growing and change everyday,
don’t make much money, but it sure pays.
Rockin’ and walkin’ and scopin’ the scene,
try to keep loving, and free as the breeze.
Gasping and gulping to take it all in,
looks like i’m losing, but i always win.
Dancing and prancing and checking it out,
makes me an odd one, without a doubt.
Wonder and whisper and ask me what for,
can’t tell you why, but i’m rarely bored.

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