Ten Commandments of Relationships (Vol 1)

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  1. Do not call numbers back on your females cell phone
  2. Do talk about her to people in the area
  3. Do not say smart comments about your female in front of other people.
  4. Do not look at another female and stare like you wish you could just want to run away with her!
  5. Do not hang up your cell phone as soon as she comes in the room.
  6. Do not turn your cell off when she gets in the car and let her see that, cut it off before she gets in the car. (WinkWink)
  7. Do not argue with her in public.
  8. Do not go crazy because her old boyfriend shows up at a party and you both are thinking negative things.
  9. Do not open her cell phone bill looking like a stalker.

The Tenth is always the best PLEASE DO NOT BEAT ON A FEMALE! (NOT COOL AT ALL).

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