Why Do People Swallow Goldfish?

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You may be wondering to yourself, “why on Earth would someone do an article on goldfish swallowing?!” Well, if the recent surge of goldfish gulping videos on YouTube is any indicator, the stunt is just as popular now as it was in its heyday.

There could be any number of reasons people swallow goldfish. Some people do it on dares, and others do it because they have heard about it and want to try it. A small subculture of people do it because, they claim, it actually feels good. They may be on to something, too; recent research into esophageal issues indicates a possible link between a feeling of fullness in the throat and erotic excitement. Certainly, a bulbous, squirming goldfish exerting pressure on the walls of the throat as it works its way down would magnify this effect. Can goldfish swallowing actually be erotic?

Perhaps it can, and that possibility actually ties in to the last—and probably most popular—reason people swallow goldfish: money. A small cluster of Internet sites has popped up over the last few years to cater to fetishists (known as vorephiles) who enjoy seeing live creatures swallowed whole. Some of the sites have been shut down for one reason or another, but at least a couple still produce active videos. One of these, Ariana Girls, boasts having over 100 goldfish swallowing videos in its database (this journalist chose not to link this site from this article due to some adult content also on the site).

So, why do people swallow goldfish? Fun? Money? Excitement? The same answers could be given to just about any activity imaginable; does that mean that swallowing goldfish is really no different than other, more mainstream pastimes?

Dr. Greg Evans holds a Th. D. and researches offbeat sociological interests. His publication, Vore Magazine, examines goldfish swallowing and the entertainment value of vorephilia.


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