How to Redo Your Kitchen for $100 or Less.

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Once you have purchased the paint you will use to paint your kitchen, take the time to set things in place so that you will be able to finish in a small amount of time.

Prepare your kitchen by removing any items that will be in the way of cleaning and painting. Remove any kitchen hardware you will be replacing or painting. Remove any light fixtures you will be painting. Clean any areas that need attention.

Protect all areas from paint drips by covering with old tarps, bed sheets, drop cloths, or other items you have on hand. Be sure to tape or remove light switches before painting. Tape other areas you feel need extra protection from your paint brush or roller.

Paint the walls the color of your choice. Not sure what color you like?  Check out your local home imporvement stores for new ideas.
Paint light fixtures a complementary color using spray paint. When all the painted areas are dry, remove all protective covering.

After you have removed your cabinet hardware, decide if you will paint these or replace them. If you are painting the hardware, a quality spray paint is best. Be sure the hardware is clean. Lightly sand, if needed. If you do not have a lot of cabinets,  you may have enough money left to buy new!

Throw  rugs will add an extra pop or color. If your kitchen can handle it, and there is enough in your budget, think about using two rugs.

Adding a fresh window treatment can cost as little as $5.00, and add new life to your space. Thrift stores, and yard sales are great places to  find bargain window supplies.

Once you see how great your completed project looks, you may be inspired to do another room. Searching the internet for remodeling ideas on a budget may give you so many ideas, you will do the entire house before the end of the year.


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