How To Get A Myspace Page

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First off my name is buba and i am goin to try and teach you haw to get a myspace the simple and easy way. So that it will be fun and fast for you. Just remember what you put on the internet might just stay on the internet forever. So just be careful.  Second you will have to go the the main page of Then you go to the top right hand corner it will say sign up click that and you can also click on other things. Just go look around make sure you want one.

Then you will have to feel out all the information on the page it takes you to when you click the button. With your email address just incase you ever forget your username or your password. You might want to read the terms of service and the private policy. So that you know what the rules are of myspace. Upload a photograph so that people can actually tell that it is you. Then it will take you to the main page where it asks for the username and password.

Fill those out then you are ready to begin. Set up your page and invite friends. Then there you go. That easy.  Feel free to browse around and just remember to have fun and be safe. This site is great to keep up with your old friends and just meet new ones. have fun.


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