How to Decrease Cell phone Radiation Exposure

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If you are worried about cell phone radiation then read this article where I go over some ways to reduce your exposure to your cell phone’s electromagnetic waves.

While the evidence on whether cell phones cause harm or serious conditions on the human brain is still unclear, nothing is lost by taking some actions to reduce exposure just in case.

Electromagnetic radiation from cell phone comes in the form of microwaves! They are sent and received from your phone’s external, or in newer phones, internal antenna. From this very fact we can deduct that the farther the antenna is from you (and your brain), the better. If the signal is send from a basement or inside a room or building, the signal the phone sends must be stronger for it to reach its destination. The stronger the signal, the more the radiation! Try to call on the open.  The radiation is continually received and sent from all cell phones. Signals are everywhere.

Electromagnetic radiation from cell phone comes in the form of microwaves!

Electromagnetic waves can easily reach the brain

Do you live near a cell phone tower? ohoh. Cell phone towers emit and receive lots of electromagnetic waves. Is someone on the phone next to you? If yes, then you may step away if you don’t even know the person.

Yup, electromagnetic waves abound near these

Finally, you can always buy one of those products out there designed to reduce or almost eliminate your exposure to this radiation. Headsets reduce radiation. I like some EMF protection devices.

While you should not be paranoid about cell phone radiation (yet), these measures could certainly help in case the waves do turn out to be harmful.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can always turn your phone off…Also, you can always lock yourself in a lead wrapped room. That will keep radiation away. : )
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