Adding Easter Writing to Homeschooling

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Writing in an important part of any school curriculum and should be made a focus. It is important that our students are able to read and write well so that they are able to express themselves in many forms. For homeschoolers it can be one of the toughest subjects to teach. This is because there is no set reference for writing exercises. This is a bad thing because the writing exercises can be irreplaceable to teaching a student writing skills. Homeschoolers must think of writing exercises that they can give to their students to teach them these skills. A great way to do this is when holidays come up. Holidays will allow your students to write creatively. Easter is a great way to teach your students writing skills.

Creative writing

One of the things you can use to teach them these important writing skills is to write on things they enjoy. With Easter you can let your students write about what they enjoy about Easter. This will let them have some enjoyment in what they are writing about and teach them the important writing skills that they need to learn. Letting the student choose what to write about will make the writing experience more enjoyable. You could also give them a topic and let them develop that topic however they choose. All of these suggestions will help them to build their writing skills. Making them a well rounded student and will make it easier for them to succeed if they choice to continue onto college.

Easter Poetry

Poetry is an important part of writing. There are also several types of poetry, making it easy to teach to students. If you are looking for a form of writing to teach and want it to be themed around Easter, than poetry is a good choice. All you would have to do is let them see a few forms of poetry, by introducing them to several different writers that write in the different styles. Then tell them that they need to write a poem that has something to do with Easter. This can be something that they enjoy about celebrating Easter or something that they would like to try on Easter. This will allow them to have some creative control but they will still be writing on a topic.

Writing contains a wide variety of forms. Each of them brings new skills that are important to a student’s learning. Homeschoolers have to try harder to incorporate these skills into their lessons. It will only help the students as they get ready to go off to college. For help you can look online for homeschooling websites that will be able to offer the help. Just remember that the more enjoyable the lesson is the more likely that the students will retain that information.


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