Homeschooling Ideas for the Easter Theme

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Homeschooling is becoming a choice that many parents will make because of all the bad things have been happening in the public school system. Many parents choose to home school because they believe their children will get a better education. This is often true because there are less people in the classroom and the student will get more one on one help when it is needed. When holidays come around many homeschoolers don’t always know how they can incorporate these into their lessons. With Easter it can be easy to incorporate the holiday with your educational lessons.

Planning something fun and educational

Planning a fun and educational activity can sound hard at first. Anything educational can be turned fun with just a few changes and the same goes for most things fun can be turned educational. One thing you can do is make an Easter egg hunt educational. This will allow them to get outside while they are learning. An egg hunt can be turned educational in several ways. One way is that instead of filling the eggs with treats you could fill them with math problems or grammar sentences that need to be fixed. You could also use the eggs in a different way. Take each egg and write a number, mathematical symbol of even words onto the outside of them. Then tell the students that they must find the things that go together. If you are doing math problems then you tell them that they have to find all the numbers and symbols that make the problem right. For grammar lessons they will have to find sentences that are correct. To make this one work smoothly you can start off by giving them a sheet that has incorrect sentences on them. This will probably make it easier for them to go out and find the right sentences.

Tips to make Easter outdoor activities successful

The most important thing is to keep things as simple as you can. If you make things to complicated then the students might get frustrated and not be having fun or learning anything. Explain everything to them before you start, this will ensure that nothing will be confusing when they are out there doing the egg hunt.

By tying in Easter to your homeschooling lesson your students will be able to get a full rounded education. If you are religious it will also allow you to make the student know why you are celebrating Easter. Homeschooling can be to the benefit to your children and will allow you to decide what is being taught to your children. This can include the type of educational activities that they can do to enhance their learning. But remember that if you are doing outdoor activities they should be both fun and educational.


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