How to Throw a Great Superbowl Party

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Things You’ll Need:

  • yummy finger food
  • a tv
  • something to play music on
  • alcoholic drinks
  • non-alcoholic drinks
  • balloons (optional)
  • ice
  • cups
  • napkins
  • plates (optional)
  • extra toilet paper
  • Superbowl football game


Invite people who won’t break anything if their team looses.


Make sure you have extra toilet paper, paper towels and ice available.


Have lots of great finger food like fresh cut vegetables (crudites) with blue cheese or ranch dressing, spring rolls, chicken wings, pizza cut into smaller pieces, pigs in a blanket, cheese and crackers with Italian ham, hummus and pita bread, etc… try and have some non meat options for any vegetarian friends.


Have mixers for alcohol :tonic water, coca cola, ginger ale, seltzer, orange juice, cranberry juice.


Make a punch bowl.
Combine light and dark rum with pineapple juice and add any other kind of fruit juice. Be careful though, the rum is fully masked by the pineapple juice so you may want smaller punch cups so nobody’s gets totally drunk before the final score is posted.


Have a different atmosphere set up.
If you can, have music playing in another room where people can go to chat or get away from the game for a moment.


Have a designated smoking zone.
Not everyone wants to inhale cigarette smoke while they watch the game. Tell your smoking friends where they can smoke as soon as they get to your party and put an ashtray there for them.


Have the party at your friends house with the big screen TV so you can see the football players faces in HD.
In exchange tell them you will clean their place from top to bottom afterwards ( and maybe another time too).


Don’t let anybody drive home drunk or slightly drunk!

Have fun and enjoy your Superbowl party too.


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