How to make Fried Cadbury eggs for Easter and other Cadbury recipes

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Have you ever made or heard of making Chocolate Chip Cadbury brownie? If you answered no then what are you waiting for? Cadbury chocolate has a very smooth texture, tastes super yummy, and cooks very persistent, unlike other chocolate that have the ability to burn when you cook with them.

Are you looking for an easy Easter candy recipe to make with your kids? If you aren’t too handy in the kitchencooking food you can make a simple Cadbury Vanilla Chocolate milkshake. This would make a great Easter Breakfast drink. To make the milkshake you will need 1 ½ cups of Chocolate swirl ice-cream, 5/8 cup of Cold milk, 1 bar of Cadbury Chocolate (choice of flavor) a splash of Vanilla, and a few chocolate chip morsels (Optional).

Now let’s talk about Chocolate Chip Cadbury brownies. Just writing the name sounds good enough doesn’t it? I love making brownies, especially when they come out chewy and soft. Now just imagine taking that plain old brownie and turning it into an Easter Cadbury brownie. How would I make these Cadbury brownies? Very simple take your regular brownie mix place into bowl. In a separate bowl place a little bit of melted butter along with a melted bar of Cadbury. Mix this up for a few minutes. Then add your eggs and whatever else the brownie mix calls for place that into first bowl. Mix this up then add some chocolate chip morsels. Mix this up once again. Now transfer this mixture to the second bowl, which is holding the butter and the Cadbury bar. Mix this for a few minutes until you have a very smooth consistency. Pour into a baking pan cook on 325 for 35 minutes.

Making Easter candy is very fun and will definately keep the kids busy and entertained. This is great to make for company and parties as well. Who would of thought of using Cadbury eggs for cooking besides eating? Wanna learn how to make Fried Cadbury Easter eggs? You can find out about that here


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