Windtalkers: A Friendship Story

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It was Friday. The bus I am riding shows a film with a war theme. Then, I immediately recognize that it was Nicolas Cage’s Windtalkers. I had watched that film already, but it did not stop me from watching the film over again, even though, it was already half way.

I am a Nicolas Cage admirer since I’ve watched his film Face Off. I always remember how he said the lines “I want his face… OFF”.

Funny, but I really shed a tear at the end of the film, ha ha. I find myself wiping an almost dropping tear from my eyes.

Nicolas Cage portrayed the role of Joe Enders who had a nightmare in a war battle. All but he died of that battle. Now, it seems destiny is repeating itself in his second (at least for this film) encounter with the Japanese.

I won’t be storytelling here. I would want you to watch the movie yourself. I just wanted to share how Joe touched my heart, and why did I shed a tear at the end of the movie.

First, I saw him crying while he was about to shot a companion who was already burning himself to death. Well, it was understandable. Probably, he could stand killing his “friend” rather than seeing him suffer. And, from Joe’s eyes, I felt that he’s in the situation where he has no other choice. Even though it was real hard to kill a friend, it was harder to see him die, doing nothing.

Second, when one of the two codetalkers was caught by the Japanese. Again, since his primary duty was to protect the code, he has no other choice but to throw a granade to the Japanese, together with one of their codetalkers. But, he has the blessing of that codetalker. He talked to Joe through the eye. But that incident made Yahzee to be real mad. And thought that Joe never knew what’s the meaning of “friendship”.

Not until the last part. There were only four of them left. And almost everyone was giving up. But, Joe firmly told them that no one else’s gonna die. With his heart, he do his best to call for an air support. Luckily, they had the support that they need.  It was heart warming how Joe carried Yahzee to a safe place where he himself was wounded. Joe was able to save Yahzee. Yahzee was laughing out loud for they were able to made it through that war, only to find that Joe was hit. And that’s the time that I shed a tear, ha ha. I can’t help myself. I was soooooo emotional. Joe died.

The movie is worth to see. 🙂 Well, a part of it was because I was Nicolas Cage’s admirer *wink*


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