Santification Of Self And Relationships

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From without we find fault with others, we look for the bad and not the good. The world is enraptured upon the pain and conflicts of others and even ourselves. The news is not interested much anymore in human interests storeis that tell and show the good in people. It has to always be the violence, the carnage we inflict upon those in our world, without realizing each time we hurt someone else we are hurting ourselves in the process. You cannot betray someone unless you betray yourself first, you cannot murder someone unless you have already murdered them in your heart. All the culmation of concerted efforts start within us. Relationships take on many and often distored meanings to each and every one of us. What is a relationship? First of all the word relation means we relate somehow in form or fashion the the one we are having a relationship with. The word ship is like the vessel itself in that we all will be together on a voyage on seas of uncertain roughness, calmness, despair, and the unknown, however, we will not abandon the ship part if we want the relationship to work.

There are two relationships involved in each our our relationships. (1) There is the Mental, that emotional connection to the ones we want a relationship with. Our thoughts become directed toward them, and grow over time. We first mentally think of who, what, why, and join all these connotations of thought into one formed idea..we want a relationship with that person, that group. The first step is mentally building a relationship starter base within us in order to move on to the next part of the relationship and that is the physical part.  After we surmise after several time volumes mentally, we start the (2)  physical relationship. In this arena of action, we hope to build a working association based partially on our own mental connotation of the person or group. It is here where the relationship will either blossom into a flower of beauty with all involved, or it will die from lack of effort on everyones part. Maybe one will try and make it work, but the other party involved gives up, walks out, or abandons all efforts.

Relationships are like relatives, they are as good as we let them be.


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