Make the Most Out of Lent

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Lent is a solemn time in Christianity.  It’s a time to reflect, pray, and sacrifice.  Beginning with Ash Wednesday, Christians start on their journey towards Easter.  But how can you make the most out of Lent?  Here are some great ideas.

If you want to make the most out of Lent, you must push aside all frivolous activities and focus on God.  If you are not accustomed to praying on a daily basis, now is a perfect time to start.  Take 15 minutes during your day to pray, reflect on Scripture, or just spend time with God.  This is what God calls all of us to do.  If you want to have a strong relationship with someone, you have to work on it.  You have to cultivate it, and spend time with that person.  In a similar way,  you must regularly converse with God in order to have a strong relationship with Him.  Make Lent a time of renewed interest in your relationship with God.

Find little ways each day to offer sacrifices to God.  God has given each of us so many blessings, it is only right that we should try to offer sacrifices each and every day to Him.  Traditionally people try to give up sweets or their favorite TV show during Lent, but there are many other ways to sacrifice.  You don’t just have to give up something.  You can also try doing something you would prefer not to do, such as visiting a nursing home and spending time with those who are lonely or donating food to the poor.  Or perhaps you can offer to do chores around the house that you would prefer to let someone else do like cleaning the bathroom.  Any such sacrifice is a great way to show our love for God and truly live in the spirit of Lent.

Attend Lenten church services.  Church is a great place to be during Lent and most churches offer a number of different church services during Lent such as Bible studies, Stations of the Cross, and extra Masses or times for family prayer.  You should try to attend as many of these services as possible.

Remember that Christ died for us and that is why we have Lent.  It is a solemn journey with a light of hope at the end.  Although it may seem like a hard journey, brighter days are ahead.  Easter is a wonderful light to bring us joy and happiness after our 40 days of fasting and penance.  So make the most of your Lent.  It will make Easter that much more enjoyable! 


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