How To Invite People To Bukisa

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On Bukisa they are a couple of way of inviting users:

1. Automated Email Inviting Tool

In order to use the automated email invite tool, you must have an email account with at least one of these email providers: CLICK HERE

You are required to enter your email address and password (for your email provider, not your Bukisa credentials).

You will only be able to email people you have had a prior conversation with.

To invite people go to Bukisa’s invite page.

2. Using your private invite links

We offer two different private invite links: – this will redirect the person you have invited directly to the Bukisa signup page. This way of inviting someone is less personal, if the visitor signs up they will be placed in your network. You can find this link on the MyBukisa page after you login. – the preferred method, this will redirect the person you have invited to your Bukisa profile page, from here they can learn about you and visit your content and if they decide to join they will still be placed in your network. To use your own link like this one, just change the “simon” part to your Display Name on Bukisa


Please remember, any sort of invite spam is a gross violation of the Bukisa TOS and will result in the suspension of your account and all accumulated earnings.  Please also feel free to check out our BLOG



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