ReviewStream – How it Works & How You Can Earn Money Writing Reviews

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Now days, many are looking different ways of earning money online. There are many ways & one of the ways is – Writing Reviews on any products or anything you like. is one of the best sites for it.

This is the only site where you don’t have to open an account but everything you can do using your mail id. I have never seen such a site where they don’t offer to open an account. Initially I was wondering how they will be managing different user’s site and reviews with amounts/account  balance. Everyone asks me the same question but yes it is true – You don’t have to open account with them. Everything is managed by email & name.

When you write reviews on many things you need to take care of. They are some rules for writing reviews on their site. And if you are not following those rules – there might be chances of terminating your account.

Different Reviews Categories available on
Airlines | Art | Baby care | Books | Business | Cameras | Car rental | Cars | Casino | Cellular phones | Cellular services | Clothes | Computers | Cosmetics | Cruises/Ferries | Education | Electronics | Entertainment | Finance | Food | Furniture | Games | General | General services | Gifts | Hardware | Health | Hotels | Housewares | Insurance | Internet | Jewelry | Job | Laptops | Law | Leisure | Media | Medicine | Movies | Music | Other | People | Perfume | Pets | Politics | Railway | Real estate | Recipes | Religion | Restaurants | Satellite services | Scam | Shopping | Software | Sport | Theatre | Travel | TV | Watches | Web Hosting | Web sites

You can select any of the above categories you like.

Steps To Follow & Some Guidelines:
Go to the Home Page ( the referral link if any given by your friend).

If you are using home page, there you will find “Write Review”image. Click on that image that will take you to the page where you can start writing reviews. If you are using referral link then it will directly take you to the writing review page.

Very first things, you have to choose desired penname. Check the availability first, that you can do it using check button. Next field is “Your Name or Penname”, there you can put your name or penname which you have checked the availability. Need to use your unique mail id, Review Title –  name of the product name / place you are reviewing & don’t use any off the topic name. I prefer to use name of the product as a title. After that you have to select Category of the product. If you are reviewing any place/hotel/shops – then don’t forget to mention place. This is very important for readers.

If everything is done, now you can start writing review in the biggest test box. Once you are done with writing review, you have to specify your rating. Give rating to that product reviewed by you. You can give your contact (messenger id) information. It is optional field.

You should agree to all terms & conditions with two more conditions that you have to agree upon. Get set and Go, click on submit button to publish your review. They require at least 72 hours approving & checking your review. Once your review is approved they will send a mail with amount deposited to your account and total account balance.

Plagiarizing – It is not at all allowed here on this site. Many people want to earn money fast and for that they copy contents from some other site and use here. But they don’t accept this thing here; if they will come to know this thing – your account will be terminated.

One more very important thing – If you are submitting any review on review stream site, you cannot post the same content to other site.

If you have used and written any review here on this site, then you cannot reuse it again in any of the review. This is again not allowed here. Be careful while writing reviews.

Also when you write reviews, you should express your opinion and experience. Feel free to express your thoughts and also if you have bad experience about any product – don’t worry & write it everything in your review.

Here you will get more information about the site. To know more click on FAQ link.

If you want to know your total account balance – Click Here. Here you have to specify your email id which you have used when you have submitted reviews.

Every Vote pays you. Publish all your reviews link to all your sites, social networking sites and promote. Every one you pay – you will earn $0.10 and you will get $5.0 which is a minimum payment for voting.

Minimum Payout is of $50.00 and which will be paid using PayPal.

Keep writing reviews and start earning. Thanks!


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