Easy to Make Decorative Bookends

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These crafty bookends make a lovely gift or a unique item for your decor. You can make them as elaborate as you want or simple enough for a child to do. Have fun as you spend time with your children creating more than bookends…creating memories.

Clean two spaghetti jars (or any jar with a lid ~ the bigger the better) on the inside and outside. Lay the lid on a piece of material that you have cut into a square about an inch wider than the lid (you want the material to hang over the lid all the way around). Glue the entire topside of the lid. Put the lid in the center of the cut piece of material and press down. Flip the lid over and press down along the whole lid (securing it to the material). Lay aside until it dries.

Take the jar and paint a design on it or paint the jar a solid color (light colors work well if you want to the rocks to show through). Once you’ve decided what you want your bookends to look like and you’ve painted them, set them aside to dry.

Now that your jars and lids are dry, fill the jars with colored glass rocks or marbles. This will give you enough weight to hold the books in place. You can use one color or multi-colors of rocks (just keep them in the color scheme of your theme).

Once the rocks are in place, put the lid on the jar. Now take a piece of ribbon and cut it to tie around the lid. Once you’ve cut a piece of ribbon, spread a thin layer of glue around the lid and tie the ribbon tightly around the edge of the lid. Once the glue is dry, you’re done.


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