How to make a puppy out of Mardi Gras beads

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This is a great way to use up the necklaces from Mardi Gras and entertain your children. This craft works best with the round, average sized beads popular at Mardi Gras.

First cut the strand. Count twelve beads out and then cut again. Make a twist between bead 1&2 and bead 5&6. This will be the puppy’s tail and back legs. If the beads don’t feel stiff enough, then you might need to twist them again. Next make a twist bead 6&7 and 10&11. Cut two beads from the main strand. Twist these two beads between the remaining two.

A variation on this is to use a different color beads for the last two or the eye beads. I’ve used square beads for this but it’s harder to twist them. It might be too difficult for children then. I’ve used the larger beads with better success but you have to make sure the beads are for enough apart. Or you might break them when you go to twist them.

My daughter likes to also make them with longer tails but those don’t stand up as well. She has made giraffes by extending the neck. We supported the neck by using a twist tie that had the paper stripped from it.

You should now have a little beaded puppy. Fell free to experiment with colors, shapes and sizes of beads. My kids love to make these and we have a whole army of beaded puppies in no time.


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